Just publishing a book is both an exhilerating and scary event. I find that it is the best time to initiate writing the next book.


3 thoughts on “Just publishing a book is both an exhilerating and scary event. I find that it is the best time to initiate writing the next book.

  1. In writing no only this book but memoirs in general, a person offers his or her perspective of a situation. In offering this the author must realize that other may view that same situation differently. That is because the same situation experienced at the same time may have affected that person in a different manner. This is to be expected. So, when you write a memoir getting feedback that may not be positive or may not be what you expect is o.k. It is part of the discussion. It is a very healthy process and it’s a good thing that we all different. However, it in no ways discounts the feelings and emotions which you yourself experienced.


  2. As Robert Frost said: “In these words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life – it goes on.”
    Remembering this each and every day when we are experiencing abuse or intimidation can be extremely hard. The “positive” of tomorrow can seem to be far away especially for a child who is attempting to make sense of the world and looking to his or her parents for guidance. When the abuser is the parent or parent figure the child receives a mixed signal of “I love you” let me hit you again. So, the child thinks in their mind that hitting and hurting means love. If this cycle is not interrupted or broken by a caring adult or authority figure the hurt/love message is ingrained in the child permanently. This is not want we want for constructing the framework of productive, functional adults in our society. Remembering that life goes on, can be a distant concept for a young child in the throws of abuse.
    It is important to not only give the child the right message about love initially, but to break the cycle if it is occurring. We do not want our children to grow into adults and make destructive choices about life partners who will continue the hurt/love cycle.


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