Daily Habits

Women tend to experience low vitamin D levels as they age.  If they are dealing with chronic diseases it is even more probable that that level will show signs of deficit.  Therefore, it is important to have your level checked on a regular basis.  Your medical provider may recommend a supplement.

Rest and restful nighttime sleep is also important and beneficial for all people but especially women.  There is a health term which recently has appeared in the literature, “sleep hygiene”,  which encompasses the idea that good, prolonged, efficient rest adds to a person’s general good health.  This makes sense since we all need to have a way to recharge.

Develop a “sleep routine.”  Avoid stimulates, perform certain routines when bedtime occurs and make sure that you get enough natural light throughout the daylight hours.  These habits, performed on a regular basis,  will signal your body that it is time for sleep.

These daily healthy habits can assist your body’s natural defense system to use vitamin D, and other vitamins and minerals, to help ensure that if you are dealing with a chronic disease condition you are stronger in your defense.

Just a thought.  Remember our bodies are made to move.


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