Thoughts About Disaster

Tragedy always makes us pause and reflect.  The recent incident in Florida with the mass killings certainly falls into that category.  There is sadness for every aspect of our lives.  Since I tend to look at situations from a health point of view, there is always an element of stress both physical and emotional in every tragic situation.  In this particular situation there is more than enough tragedy and stress to go around.

Obviously, these adults in Orlando, Florida were having a fun evening with their friends enjoying music and singing in an atmosphere of trust and relaxation.  They never expected to exposed to intense stress on a scale that was unimaginable.  Some reacted quickly in the best manner they could determine at the time.  Others may have taken a moment or two to assess the stress and then decided what action to take.  Still some may have sensed that something was wrong but initially dismissed the tragedy and dismissed it as not relevant to them and thus not a matter of stress.

No matter what their situation,  all were involved in the most stressful situation of their lives.  Unfortunately,  some lost their lives immediately and that is tragic.  The grief of their families and loved ones can not be measured.  Their memories will be carried in the hearts of those who honor them.  Others, at the scene, endured additional stress by being part of a hostage situation in which the outcome was unknown.  This terrifying and horrific scenario only increases the stress and agony to which the people in the Pulse club were exposed.  Their agony and stress was prolonged with an untold end.  I’m sure that every part and system of their body was engaged in the survival mode.  This would energize them to act in ways to prolong their survival.  We see this in the news reports such as seeking refuge in the club’s restrooms or finding exit routes out of the club.

Whatever their situation was, the people involved in the incident at the Pulse nightclub in Florida are and will exhibit signs of exposure to stress for a long time following the incident.  If you know any of these people or if you can help in any way, remember be kind and be gentle and understanding because they may not have a physical wound but they certainly are trying to heal from a wound of stress.


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