I have physically changed my living location.  It involved a coordinated effort with family members.

As I reflect on the efforts involved, I realize that my family and close friends are cherished and valued for me.  When someone decides to make a significant change in their lives, that change often involves not only themselves but the support and attention of others.  Reliance on that social network for support when we change any part of our lives is often something that we all take for granted.  It just is something that we do.

However, when we change, everything around us changes – our lives, our home, our relationships.  If we can  only take a moment and reflect on this aspect, we will be better for it.  Acknowledging the efforts of our support network in helping us  evolve through a change may be a little thought but it has wide-reaching consequences.  So, if someone has helped you along the way in your life, be sure to acknowledge that and say “thank you”.


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