Living in a different geographic area or relocating to a new work environment can offer new opportunities.  This reality became more clear for me in a recent physical relocation.  Sometimes people view moving to a new location as chaos because this process involves changing all of the “known” items in everyday life.  Since we are all creatures of habit, we like to have familiar things around us.  It tends to make us feel comfortable and secure.  When we feel secure, we feel motivated and sometimes even a little superior in our attitude.  This attitude “snubbing” can quickly get out of hand and lead us to a false sense of security.

Never is this more evident than when we begin the process of change.  Change forces us to look at some of the assumptions we hold to be truths.  These can include knowing where we live,  being confident in how our automobile works, assurance that our circle of friends will always assist us or the fact that if we need help our family will surely offer aid.  We, as humans, simple take these things for granted.

When we change our living location these “assumptions” may also change.  Possibly, our circle of friends is not so supportive,  maybe our car breaks down at the most in-opportune time, potentially an extended family member is too busy to help during moving time or maybe the sale of our house is a source of intense stress and tension.

Opportunity can also bring new vision into our lives which we didn’t see before.  That opportunity may have always been present – we just didn’t see it.  So, this is just a reminder.  When you find yourself in the middle of a change in your life – stop.  Take a breath and ask yourself – ” what opportunity am I missing.”  You may find a new and wonderful treasure that just happened to be right in front of you all the time.


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