Summer Months

These past few months have brought changes into my life but also opportunities.  These opportunities have presented situations for me to examine how I deal with change.  Flexibility is something that is always required by all of us if we are to move easily among the other humans who inhabit our lives.  This quality, I thought, was in my lexicon of abilities.

     This idea is and has been tested daily, even hourly, during these summer months.   Arriving at the decision to sell my home in the southern states and move across the country to “sin city” within a short amount of time has required assistance from not only cherished family members but qualified professionals.  Working out details and arranging appointments to accomplish all of the tasks involves not only flexibility but the willingness to be flexible.

     That is what I have examined – my choice to be flexible.  Discovering that a person must first decide to be flexible makes the second part of actually being open to change much more possible.  I’m not saying that all of the challenges involved in moving across the United States and re-establishing one’s life have been easy, but it is easier if a person meets the difficulty involved with the central core of change and flexibility.

     These summer months have certainly been hot enough without adding the extra frustration of inflexibility to the boiling pot. So, enjoy the last lazy days of summer in a flexible state of mind!


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