Being grateful for even small acts of kindness may seem to be an insignificant gesture.  Saying, “thank-you” or “hello” to another person for a little show of kindness or respect may initially appear to be worth very little.  Especially in a world that functions on money and greed.

When a person is the recipient of this small act in their busy day it often gives that person a moment of pause.  It may be: a smile, a hand shake, a kind gesture, holding open a heavy door, allowing that person to enter through the doorway first, paying “in advance” for that person’s cup of coffee or offering to help them complete a project in the office that will help them to get home earlier.  These actions take only a few moments but may well change the other person’s life.

The receiver of the kind gesture may be in the middle of a bad day.  They may have just experienced an encounter with a very rude supervisor, they may have learned that their medical condition has changed for the worse, maybe their pet just passed away…

You have no way of knowing what that person is experiencing.  They may be on the verge of learning something that will devastate their life.   So, when you extend yourself, even for a few moments, to help your fellow man, it will probably enrich their life or help them to face a very challenging situation.

We as humans have multiple opportunities to interact with other’s on a daily basis.  When you are faced with this situation, make the issue a positive one and say “hello” to your fellow man.  It may well change their life and they may then be able to handle their challenging situations. They in-turn may pass on their appreciation to others in their life.


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