I went to see a movie today in a local walk-in theatre.  It is located in the southwest part of the United States.  Arriving on time for the screening, I settled in for my afternoon enjoyment.  At the appointed time the movie screen started to show the well known spot “First Look.”  This gives the movie patron a quick look at the upcoming attractions.

The quick review lasted for about three minutes – quickly followed by an array of every conceivable commercial selling every conceivable product available to mankind – auto insurance, footwear, milk, cars, legal services, home improvement options, clothes and tools for ease of kitchen preparation.

The collection of barrages was again followed by another “brief” review of upcoming movie attractions at the local theatres – including a spot to advertise candy and soda at the front canteen in this theatre.  The patrons were encouraged to enjoy their experience and buy, buy, buy.

After thirty (30), yes thirty minutes of advertisements, the movie finally began.  This was briefly interrupted with an announcement to remind the movie patrons to turn off their cell phones and avoid recording the movie.

By this time, I almost forgot why I was in the theatre.  Why did I come to this place?  Was it to pay to have someone show me commercials.  Have we come this far?  We are now paying to see commercials in a public theatre?

Needless, to say I have figured this out.  Sometimes I am a fast learner.  When I go to my next movie I will look at the scheduled start time, then add thirty (30) minutes to that time and that will be the correct time to enter the theatre and actually see the movie.

Well,  what do you think?  If we all took this approach maybe we could actually see a movie instead of paying to see commercials…



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