“Reading the Neighborhood”

I have moved into a new community which is listed as an age restricted in that the homeowners are age 55 years and older.  It has been very interesting to “read” my neighbors.  I don’t mean that I sit next to them and read the local newspaper or recite from a book, I am referring to the art of observing their habits and activities.

As with any community, there is a collection of personalities in my neighborhood.  Some of them have readily shown themselves.  A close neighbor approached me as soon as the tires of my car hit the driveway pavement.  She was interested in my family pedigree and professional history.  Having her curiosity satisfied she hasn’t approached me since to offer any assistance as to integration into the area.

A very helpful neighbor offered a sweet treat and extended a genuine welcome to the area.  Others were happy just to share their own personal history and check to see if I would be someone who could share their life style activities.  This will surely be an interesting area.  I will keep your posted – on the readings.