“Filling Up”

As we enter the holiday season I am reminded of not only the emotional but also the physical feeling of being full.  There is a certain contentment that comes over a person when their needs are met.  Not so much a reference to “Maslow’s ” hierarchy of needs but just the ordinary daily living kind of needs.  The response that tends to answer the questions –  Is my tummy full?  Do I feel warm?  Am I safe in my home?  Are my family members o.k.?  Can I protect the one’s that I love?  Can I identify where my next meal is coming from?

When I think about these “needs” I understand that now all people can answer “yes” to these questions.  However, most people can respond yes to some of these issues.  What a great world we would live in if all the people that we met every day could respond that way to all of their needs – both emotional and physical.  That could be called nirvana.

I’m not sure exactly sure what “nirvana” would look like, but possibly everyone in it would be secure and be filled up both physically and emotionally.  So, as I look toward the holidays and view the increase activity of everyone around me, I pine fondly for possibly the unreachable “nirvana” but at least I can dream.



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