One Month Ago

We all kept our New Year’s resolutions.  Well, that statement hopefully got someone’s attention.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could answer in the affirmative?  Just think of it… One month ago we all put energy and thought into devising a plan that would help us make our lives better.  Was it more exercise? Was it a better diet?  Possibly we were going to be kinder to people?  Or maybe, just maybe, we were going to make more money and go on that fabulous trip we were always talking about.

So, a month later where are we?  Closer to our goals – I hope.  Good intentions swirl around us as we faithfully resolve to keep and stand-by our resolutions.  We begin the new year with resolution and determination.  Gusto is oozing from every pore of our body.  We are superhuman for a week or so and then, something happens.  We, for whatever reason, lose just a tiny bit of our resolve and a little bit of our gusto and so maybe we don’t exercise as much, or eat as well, or make as much money.  It’s o.k., we’ll do better tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow comes and we don’t feel so good about yesterday.  We didn’t do so good.  So we have a small spike in resolving and today we are better.  We feel better.  We do o.k. today.  Since we did o.k. today, we can slack off a little tomorrow.  The “spiking” on good and bad in our resolve goes up and down for the next few weeks and we find ourselves at the end of January of the new year.

So, what have we learned?  We have learned that if we truly make the decision to change at the start of the year – a true decision, we don’t have to keep making the decision every day.  It’s easy, make a true decision once and you don’t have to keep making “false” decisions every day.  Try it and see what you think.



The concept of truth is something that causes me to pause.  It is an idea that permeates every aspect of society.  Whether we talk about advertising, friendships, legal issues, promises, or just everyday discussions, truth seems to be a precious commodity.

The issue resembles the tap root of a great oak.  When the root system of a healthy tree is based is solid, firm soil its’ branches reach forth toward the warm sun and send out new growth which, in turn reaches even higher toward its’ life giving source – warm oxygen.

Truth is liken to this healthy tree in that both grow and flourish only when the base and “tap root” of the system are based in solid ground.  I encounter situations which give me moments to pause when this idea is openly disregarded.  It isn’t as though truth is by-passed or forgotten – it’s knowingly and willfully disregarded.

I have an internal monitor that blinks or activates when I am approaching a morale issue.  It alerts me that I may want to check myself concerning the path I am going down.  I assume that others have the same internal monitor, that may be my challenge – assuming.  But I can’t help thinking that if I want to keep my “oak tree healthy” it means that I need to also keep my morale compass pointed in the right direction.

Truth, they say is in the judgment of the beholder.  However, it seems pretty clear to me that truth is basic, true and grounded.  It, like the oak, is always reaching for clean air.






Car Keys

Soon, I may not need my car keys.  Now you may think that I have made a healthy new year’s commitment to begin a walking routine which includes increasing my physical ambulation.  Well, I have but the focus of this article is a little different.

When new cars are sold these days they don’t come with a car key.  The buyer is presented with a car “bob.”  It resembles a child-size deck of cards embedded with an imprint of the dealership.  Having the “bob” within a close vicinity of the car and pressing a button inside the car ensures ignition. So, the traditional car key is disappearing.

Additionally, the driverless car is slowly appearing on the scene.  Technology ensures that an automobile can drive, stop, slow, accelerate, swerve, and avoid an accident without the “hands-on” assistance of a human being.  This ever-present, increasing technology may well eliminate the need for a driver as well.  So goes the driver as went the key.

This brings questions to mind.  Will we need a drivers license?  Will teenagers no longer take drivers education courses? Will we no longer use our drivers license for identification? Will a teenager no longer endure the “rite-of-passage” of enduring the driving test at the DMV? Will we no longer need the DMV?

Looking at the array of car keys hanging on hooks at my back door, I wonder if they will slowly disappear along with me as a driver of my own car.















Just a Little Note


This is the front cover of my recently published book.  It was reviewed on Google Books.

“This book reveals a life of struggle.  Information in this publication was obviously hard won. The writer …has invested time and attention into their family of birth in order to reveal the cause of abuse.  Children who suffer at the hands of their abuser often grow into adulthood with unanswered questions.  These issues often affect their transitions into their adult years.

This book deserves a read for anyone searching for answers and who have the courage to delve into their own childhood and family history. (11/7/2016)

“it’s nothing personal”

As I begin the new year I have become more conscious of personal interactions. Not only mine but the exchanges that I witness around me.  Interacting with the public requires flexibility in attitude and demeanor.  Maybe I’m “from the old school” but manners and considerations still hold a high place in my every day life.  So, as I deal with other on a daily basis and extend appropriate courtesy to them, I expect that others will return the favor.

More often than not I am found wanting in this expectation.  Today’s society is faster, bolder, filled with technology and dominated by younger novices.  These newbies on the population scene appear to be unaware of the time-honored social manners with which I grew up – i.e. hold the door open for a lady, walk on the right side of a hallway, say “excuse me” if you walk into someone, don’t take it if it’s not yours, it’s not polite to cuss, etc.

I’m not sure when the change occurred but I sense that it was about five years ago.  I say this because that is when I first noticed it.  That when I remember this phrase being used: “it’s nothing personal, it’s just the way we do business.”  It was a reply I received when I wanted to exchange a defective item that I purchased and my request was refused.  The phrase has increasingly crept into our lexicon ever since.  Politeness disappears the more often this phrase is used.

I offer this idea as an observation.  Maybe you have a different reality.  It’s nothing personal, it’s just my point of view.








I’m not sure




New Decisions

As we all know, when a new year begins the positive parts of our brain looks toward possibilities – things that we can achieve.  Just the idea that we can set our sights on a different path often gives us energy which motivates us to change our daily routines.

In researching the data, I have found that this thinking of change can actually help us to make the physical change.  The chemical reaction of thinking about a change can produce the change.  We have all heard about the idea that “we are what we think.”  Well, medical research is proving that to be true.

There are small “caps” on the end of our chromosomes called “telomeres” which are influenced by our daily lives and environment.  Think of these caps as the hard tips on the end of your show strings.  These caps can be of different lengths in each person – some too long, some too short.  Even though there is a recognized “correct” length for potential good health, each cap is still influenced by what we decide to do in our daily lives.

When we decide to maintain a good exercise routine, eat a healthy diet, breath fresh air, think positive thoughts, adopt good sleeping habits and develop a supportive social network, we are in charge of the influences that we input into these “caps” which send messages to the chromosomes.

This may be the most positive decision you make as you start the new year.  Maybe you want to live to be 100 years old, maybe not.  But, if you do, it may be nice to be healthy while you do it…