New Decisions

As we all know, when a new year begins the positive parts of our brain looks toward possibilities – things that we can achieve.  Just the idea that we can set our sights on a different path often gives us energy which motivates us to change our daily routines.

In researching the data, I have found that this thinking of change can actually help us to make the physical change.  The chemical reaction of thinking about a change can produce the change.  We have all heard about the idea that “we are what we think.”  Well, medical research is proving that to be true.

There are small “caps” on the end of our chromosomes called “telomeres” which are influenced by our daily lives and environment.  Think of these caps as the hard tips on the end of your show strings.  These caps can be of different lengths in each person – some too long, some too short.  Even though there is a recognized “correct” length for potential good health, each cap is still influenced by what we decide to do in our daily lives.

When we decide to maintain a good exercise routine, eat a healthy diet, breath fresh air, think positive thoughts, adopt good sleeping habits and develop a supportive social network, we are in charge of the influences that we input into these “caps” which send messages to the chromosomes.

This may be the most positive decision you make as you start the new year.  Maybe you want to live to be 100 years old, maybe not.  But, if you do, it may be nice to be healthy while you do it…




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