The concept of truth is something that causes me to pause.  It is an idea that permeates every aspect of society.  Whether we talk about advertising, friendships, legal issues, promises, or just everyday discussions, truth seems to be a precious commodity.

The issue resembles the tap root of a great oak.  When the root system of a healthy tree is based is solid, firm soil its’ branches reach forth toward the warm sun and send out new growth which, in turn reaches even higher toward its’ life giving source – warm oxygen.

Truth is liken to this healthy tree in that both grow and flourish only when the base and “tap root” of the system are based in solid ground.  I encounter situations which give me moments to pause when this idea is openly disregarded.  It isn’t as though truth is by-passed or forgotten – it’s knowingly and willfully disregarded.

I have an internal monitor that blinks or activates when I am approaching a morale issue.  It alerts me that I may want to check myself concerning the path I am going down.  I assume that others have the same internal monitor, that may be my challenge – assuming.  But I can’t help thinking that if I want to keep my “oak tree healthy” it means that I need to also keep my morale compass pointed in the right direction.

Truth, they say is in the judgment of the beholder.  However, it seems pretty clear to me that truth is basic, true and grounded.  It, like the oak, is always reaching for clean air.







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