One Month Ago

We all kept our New Year’s resolutions.  Well, that statement hopefully got someone’s attention.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could answer in the affirmative?  Just think of it… One month ago we all put energy and thought into devising a plan that would help us make our lives better.  Was it more exercise? Was it a better diet?  Possibly we were going to be kinder to people?  Or maybe, just maybe, we were going to make more money and go on that fabulous trip we were always talking about.

So, a month later where are we?  Closer to our goals – I hope.  Good intentions swirl around us as we faithfully resolve to keep and stand-by our resolutions.  We begin the new year with resolution and determination.  Gusto is oozing from every pore of our body.  We are superhuman for a week or so and then, something happens.  We, for whatever reason, lose just a tiny bit of our resolve and a little bit of our gusto and so maybe we don’t exercise as much, or eat as well, or make as much money.  It’s o.k., we’ll do better tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow comes and we don’t feel so good about yesterday.  We didn’t do so good.  So we have a small spike in resolving and today we are better.  We feel better.  We do o.k. today.  Since we did o.k. today, we can slack off a little tomorrow.  The “spiking” on good and bad in our resolve goes up and down for the next few weeks and we find ourselves at the end of January of the new year.

So, what have we learned?  We have learned that if we truly make the decision to change at the start of the year – a true decision, we don’t have to keep making the decision every day.  It’s easy, make a true decision once and you don’t have to keep making “false” decisions every day.  Try it and see what you think.



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