Making Sense/Cents

When we use the power of our mind to perform an action or deliver a response we are making sense.  This may seem like an obvious statement but in reality a cascade of reactions occur before a visual action is observed.  Most of these reactions are invisible to the “naked” eye.  They occur within our brain.


A stimulus initiates a response which triggers a cascade – much like a line of positioned dominoes.  When the first one tips over, it nudges and topples the adjacent ones.  Making sense in our daily life, makes us successful.  It gives us a direction in which to put our energy.  We know that if we are truly aware of our basic  bodily senses – smell, taste, touch, hearing, vision, balance and coordination  we will avoid danger.

Logically, it should follow that if we use our senses we can avoid danger when talking about “cents” also.  Using understanding, logic, good management and consistency should illicit a response much like the cascade of reactions that occur within our brain.  However, the challenge comes when we look at “who” developed each of the systems.

The system in our brains seems to have been developed by a “higher power.”  It is in place when we became who we are.  It is part of our package when we arrive.  The system was designed by a master programmer.   However, we are the “masters of our own destiny” and develop our own plan for making cents.  We decide how to arrange and deliver our talents when searching for, or making, cents.  Maybe that is the challenge…



Am I productive?  Pondering this question, gives me a moment of pause.  The word productive means – ” having the quality or power of producing esp. in abundance – : effective in bringing about.”(Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Thesaurus)

Each person can interpret that definition for themselves.  As I go through my day, I try to determine if there is a positive difference that occurs by the actions that I perform.  That is the standard for me when judging my productivity.

Interacting with nature, humans and the environment gives each of us numerous opportunities make a conscious decision to be productive each day.  Do we ask ourselves how we use our resources or our interactions?  Are the objects that we encounter every day seen as opportunities to make something better?

20150325_172603Next time you have the opportunity to be productive, maybe it is also an opportunity to make things better.

Just a thought…

It’s Easy, It’s Good

The choice was easy, just tell the truth.  She was a good person – didn’t lie or steal.  The truth was known to her.  She even knew all of the details.  There was no mystery to the story.  Everything was in plain sight.  It would be a good thing.

Her conscious fell heavy.  Bearing her soul meant that her lifelong, best friend would be convicted of a horrible crime and probably be sentenced to death.  No one had actually confronted her yet and asked her any questions but other potential witnesses were slowly being eliminated.

Her best friend was a good and morale person – not prone to violence or fits of rage.  However, the only witness to the horrible incident was her trusted friend, the perpetrator, and herself.  No one else knew the truth – the whole, awful truth.  She knew that revealing the details would sever their friendship forever and send her lifelong friend into a spiral of despair and sadness.  Even her urging had not forced her friend to confess to the crime.

It was clear to all that the truth hinged on what she would reveal about her friend, even though her heart ached just thinking about the consequences.  Her mind told her that telling the truth is a good thing.  However, her heart knew that doing the right thing is not always easy.

She approached the witness stand, was sworn in and took a deep breath as she began to answer the obvious questions.  Yes, it is good to tell the truth but not so easy when you know how the facts will affect your friend.

“Building A Brand”

What is a brand?  Well, most often we think of the large corporate names that filled our visual world every day – Nike, Saltines, Newton, Sherwin-Williams, etc.  However, just for a moment take that same idea and bring it a little closer to home.  Think of yourself as a brand.

How do others see you?  When you enter their field of vision  what do they see? Are you a trim, put-together person, well dressed, with obvious thought about your wardrobe and personal hygiene?  If you were to enter a professional office building right now and apply for a high-level position would you be seriously considered for that position?  I ask these questions not to discourage you from attaining your goals but to give you pause in your goal seeking activities.

Weather you are presenting yourself in person, on paper or electronically, the receiver can tell if you are serious about “building your brand.”  Your personal habits automatically transfer over to your professional life – it’s an extension of yourself.  All those basic ideas that we all learned, or should have, as children – wear clean underwear, press our clothes, manicure our fingernails, pay attention to the condition to our shoes, smile, greet people with a smile, develop a firm handshake, and respect our parents still hold true both in the personal and professional world today.

I’ll I give you a little hint, guys.  The second place an interested woman looks at when she is looking at an eligible man is the condition of his shoes.  So, if you really want to impress people, and women, pay attention and build your brand…