“Building A Brand”

What is a brand?  Well, most often we think of the large corporate names that filled our visual world every day – Nike, Saltines, Newton, Sherwin-Williams, etc.  However, just for a moment take that same idea and bring it a little closer to home.  Think of yourself as a brand.

How do others see you?  When you enter their field of vision  what do they see? Are you a trim, put-together person, well dressed, with obvious thought about your wardrobe and personal hygiene?  If you were to enter a professional office building right now and apply for a high-level position would you be seriously considered for that position?  I ask these questions not to discourage you from attaining your goals but to give you pause in your goal seeking activities.

Weather you are presenting yourself in person, on paper or electronically, the receiver can tell if you are serious about “building your brand.”  Your personal habits automatically transfer over to your professional life – it’s an extension of yourself.  All those basic ideas that we all learned, or should have, as children – wear clean underwear, press our clothes, manicure our fingernails, pay attention to the condition to our shoes, smile, greet people with a smile, develop a firm handshake, and respect our parents still hold true both in the personal and professional world today.

I’ll I give you a little hint, guys.  The second place an interested woman looks at when she is looking at an eligible man is the condition of his shoes.  So, if you really want to impress people, and women, pay attention and build your brand…





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