Making Sense/Cents

When we use the power of our mind to perform an action or deliver a response we are making sense.  This may seem like an obvious statement but in reality a cascade of reactions occur before a visual action is observed.  Most of these reactions are invisible to the “naked” eye.  They occur within our brain.


A stimulus initiates a response which triggers a cascade – much like a line of positioned dominoes.  When the first one tips over, it nudges and topples the adjacent ones.  Making sense in our daily life, makes us successful.  It gives us a direction in which to put our energy.  We know that if we are truly aware of our basic  bodily senses – smell, taste, touch, hearing, vision, balance and coordination  we will avoid danger.

Logically, it should follow that if we use our senses we can avoid danger when talking about “cents” also.  Using understanding, logic, good management and consistency should illicit a response much like the cascade of reactions that occur within our brain.  However, the challenge comes when we look at “who” developed each of the systems.

The system in our brains seems to have been developed by a “higher power.”  It is in place when we became who we are.  It is part of our package when we arrive.  The system was designed by a master programmer.   However, we are the “masters of our own destiny” and develop our own plan for making cents.  We decide how to arrange and deliver our talents when searching for, or making, cents.  Maybe that is the challenge…



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