“Does It Fit”

I recently read an article about a women shopping in retail stores for clothes that fit.  This woman is a “real woman” who possesses all the curves and crevices that women possess.  I’m not talking about an overly large woman or an obese female just an average woman in today’s society.

open Baltic sea at the sunset

open Baltic sea at the sunset

You guessed it.  Most of the retail stores possess a wide variety of the latest chic attire posed in the most alluring positions.  However, the majority of sizes range from “0” through “10.” These clothes are gorgeous and alluring – the jeans attractive, the blouses feminine and the dresses appealing to the feminine form.  The color for this spring seems to be coral and blue with a trim of black and white.  In the right combination, this presents a very crisp and clean combination.

The search for the “proper” fit lead this woman into sizes that rose above size 10.  This is where the shopping trip gets interesting.  Believe it or not, the average American woman – or any woman – wears a size larger than 10. Sorry, I digress for a moment.  Anyway, these “larger than life,” woman do buy clothes and they probably earn their own money with which they buy these clothes.  So, we have a dilemma – where do women find chic, professional clothes that fit well if they wear larger than a size “10?”

I suggest that “we” as a society are too focused on the size of the garment and may want to concentrate on the “fit.”  Do we feel good in the dress when we wear it?  Do we like the way it looks from the back when we look in the mirror?  Do the pants make us look fat?  Does the zipper bulge when we struggle to fasten the dress?  Do the buttons pop off of the waistband?

Next time you go shopping in a retail store, don’t look at the size marked on the tag hanging from the sleeve of the garment.  This will be a very great temptation for you.  It will go against every thing you have ever been taught since childhood.  You will be fighting every fiber in your body and brain to counteract years of social conditioning.  Possibly, you will even break out in a sweat.  Your hands may tremble and you may feel weak.  I say resist, resist, resist.  Simply pick the garment that “fits” you and the one that make you feel comfortable.  This is a challenge that you can handle and one that fits nicely into a very healthy life style – both physically and mentally.




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