The vibrancy of springtime pulsates the earth.  Every living thing feels the urgency to respond.  Flowers, trees, grass, even weeds naturally respond to the beckoning call.  Likewise, mankind responds to the summons.

Our attitudes are lighter, our outlooks become happier, our thoughts seem to sway to ideas of fancy.  We, as humans, go through a physical change in that our body is awaken to the possibilities around us.  This awareness stimulates and increases our energy level and we begin to imagine our “perfect selves.”  When we imagine what we can be, it is only a short road to accomplishing that goal.

During springtime our bodies and minds “click” and the energy flow is complete.  So that the flow within each section interacts with the other and the “infinity” cycle is whole and complete.  If you have ever experienced a natural high after walking or running or completing a challenging exercise you have known this feeling.  It is as if your body is giving you a shot of adrenaline.  This is the vibrancy of springtime – earth and mankind pulse together.

So, if you have any project that has been weighing on your mind or idea that has rattled around in your brain, now may be the perfect time to put them into action.  Your body and mind are working together to propel you forward.  Take advantage of the natural forces and become a force of your own.   Remember, always obey the speeding laws…


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