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Whenever we are not at our best we need to recover.  Sometimes it’s because we are ill or we have been a little sad or we have been physically injured.  This process can be from a perceived or actual problem.  It is a time of replenishment and redemption and rescue.  Our body and our mind need to quiet – to be still.

This is a difficult process in our society, especially today.  Our society is geared toward achieving, doing, producing and showing results in our endeavors.  That normally means that we are in motion.  We are using our energy to make things happen – make events occur.  We are in a whirlwind of activity which tends to be in constant motion.

Stepping back from the “tornado of turmoil” can take courage.  We can be addicted to the action and activity just as we can be addicted to any other adrenalin producing activity – it changes the chemistry in our brain.  However, it is necessary to take the backward step if we are to be calm and quiet.  Our mental, and ultimately physical health, demands that we make attempts to quiet the noise of our lives.  Remember that you can take the step because – you are recovering.


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