…in the islands

20170810_074501I recently took a trip to a tropical island.  It offered a chance to physically and mentally relax.  The option to focus on my health and wellness presented itself in a most unexpected manner.  As I was standing on the sandy beach I was gently reminded that life, as well as nature, has a certain “ebb and flow” to it.  This cycle doesn’t depend on a human intervention or a mechanical manipulation.  No one has to set a clock or develop a time sheet to optimize this cycle.  A computerized spreadsheet has nothing to do with the cycle’s performance or occurrence.

Natural issues such as water, air, rotations and awareness of nature’s subtle signs perpetuates the cycles.  I was instantly aware of the similarity between the nature of the ocean and the nature of my body.  Each of us has an “ebb and flow” to our system.  We have functions, and cycles, that occur within our bodies that seem to operate without our knowledge.  Our responsibility is to provide the water, air, nutrition and awareness of our bodies subtle signs so that our systems can continue to perpetuate its’ cycles. Often, our challenge is to provide the optimum “fuel” so that our cycles can operate at their most efficient level.

Do we get enough rest?  When did we exercise last? Have we had enough water intake?  Did we eat our fruits and vegetables? Do we give our bodies enough protein for fuel? Are we aware that our minds and bodies are physically connected – our thoughts affect our actions?  Did we look into our mirror today, and smile?  Did we tell our loved ones that we care for them?

We are living beings operating on cycles.  These cycles need to be nourished and protected.  Someday you may find yourself standing on the beach of a tropical island – you want to feel “in-tune” with the cycles.


3 thoughts on “…in the islands

  1. Being raised in New York, I know the hustle and bustle of growing up in a speedy environment. But, now retired and living in South Florida for the past 25 years I have succumbed to the ebb and flow of island life, I realize it is not like the Bahamas, but very close. Thank you for sharing a very delightful and informative post. I look forward to visiting often. ☺☺☺


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