A Little Sugar


I overheard a conversation: “My doctor said that I have a little sugar in my blood.  I don’t know how it got there.  My doc said that I need to get it out.”  I admit that I was ease-dropping.  The couple was talking about the husband’s recent diagnosis of diabetes.

The man needed more information about his medical condition.  Hopefully, the doctor was following up with education classes.  Possibly, the doctor was referring to the term “A1c.”  This is a reference used by medical providers to assess the level of glucose in a persons blood at any given time – it is a marker on the red blood cell.  There are certain guidelines that gauge if this A1c level is in a healthy parameter for the patient.  We all need to know how our bodies function and education from professional sources is the correct avenue from which to receive that information.

Our bodies function on a delicate balance of hormones, enzymes, signals, pathways, connections, feedback systems and response loops.  In order for all of these units to interact properly we must provide the fuel.  Fuel keeps the entire engine engaged.  Of course, the man needs “a little sugar in his blood.”  He also needs proteins, “good” fats, complex carbohydrates and trace minerals circulating through his system to keep his fine-tuned body in good working order. We all need “a little sugar” just try to make it the right kind of sugar.

I maintain a web site – “HubCityWellness.com” that outlines credible medical resources which may be of interest.



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