Dialysis is the separation of unequal, diluted substances through a membrane. This membrane often has numerous, minuscule permeable tentacles interwoven through flexible fibers.  This process often purifies the substance.

Medicine uses this process to purify the blood of someone who has experienced kidney failure.  It replaces the process that a body’s functioning kidney would perform. The patient usually has a permanent shunt implanted into their body for easy access of the chronic procedure.  Since impurities are filtered out of the body, the patient needs to surrender to the process on a regular basis.

Having observed many dialysis patients, I understand the tension between submitting to life-long medical procedures and the freedom to enjoy good health.  Dialysis means that someone or something has control over an intimate aspect of your life.  However, it also is obvious that not submitting to the procedure will endanger your health or end your life.

Such is the dichotomy of life. Often, we don’t want to do what is good for us!


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