circadian rhythm

The cycle flows just like the Colorado.  A google search (12-2017) of the term circadian reveals a definition of: a cycle 24 hours long with fluctuations in biological and psychological processes.  This cycle systematically varies over the course of each day.

Research by Frank A.J.L. Scheer, PhD, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Medical Chronobiology Program at Brigham & Woman’s Hospital in Boston suggests that metabolism is based on this cycle.

The process of revolving “light” and “dark” throughout the day influences rhythms regulating the function of certain organs within the body.  This is obvious during a 20-week study in Spain that examined when people eat their largest meal of the day.  Evidence from this study shows that some people may lose weight easier if they eat a smaller meal at night.  It seems that it’s not only important what we eat but when we eat.

It may be that when we eat a large meal in the morning our metabolism increases.  However, eating more calories in the evening may store the extra calories as fat.  This idea is suggested in an article “Mealtime Matters” – Arthritis Today – February, 2018. p.20.

Listening to your circadian keeps you healthy.  Just like a healthy river nourishes the land.


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