Define Yourself


When you meet someone their first impression is formed within 3-5 seconds.  It’s up to you to determine what molds that impression.  Defining yourself is the mark that remains after your first meeting is concluded. What activities do you perform on a regular basis to define yourself?  What does someone else see in the first 3-5 seconds of meeting you?

Obviously, if you are devoting your time and energy toward positive activities, then the impression will be favorable.  Just the opposite is true – negative past times will equal negative results. So, the old idea seems to apply in this matter.  If you’re not spending time defining yourself then the first impression that your project will be nondescript or even negative.  You are not memorable.

However, time spent eating a healthy diet, engaging in appropriate exercise, staying well hydrated, concentrating on wearing a clean, professional wardrobe, engaging in good personal grooming habits, expressing yourself in social activities and challenging yourself to expand your personal vocabulary will lean toward forming a positive definition of a first impression.


Defining yourself also extends to the area of personal integrity.  Only you know what decisions you have made about your inner self – your moral core.  How far are you willing to go if a friend asks you to do a favor that might be in the legal “gray” area?  How difficult would it be for you to keep a secret?  Especially when that secret would be so very easy to share. Would you cheat on a report at work if you thought that your paycheck would be greater?  Would you betray a friend if it meant a promotion for you? Would you steal something and then deny that you did?  Would you shoplift from a store if you wouldn’t get caught?  Would you leave the scene of an accident that you had caused?

Only you can answer these questions.  The answers define you.


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