Holiday Planning


We are celebrating this holiday season with family functions, festive meals, party planning preparations, and friendly conversations.


Our checklist often begins weeks in advance with decisions being made that will showcase our finest and our best. We mentally and physically prepare by going through what we have and then become busy buying any needed items making sure that organization is our focus.



Whether we call our guest on the phone, send out engraved invitations by registered mail or engage in a face-to-face conversation inviting a variety of interesting guests to the celebration is obviously critical to having a fun and engaging event.  We are social beings and thrive on regular public interactions and holiday celebrations certainly fit the bill.

So, you have double checked your last minute details and await the arrival of your guests.  Some of your friends will inevitably arrive early but you are prepared so you relax, greet your guest and have a fun and happy day.   Holiday planning checklists offer you a happy and relaxing holiday event.




Flowers play a prominent part in spring.


Pink, yellow, purple, red, orange, white, green, brown, blue, turquoise, coral, speckled – flowers seem to come in all colors and a variety of shapes and sizes.

Well, I guess that nature reflects human beings when it comes to variety.  Nature seems to take a fancy pleasure in the diversity in its creation spreading the wonder of color and texture over the landscape of the weary winter soil.

Smart humans viewing nature’s array of glory take the hint when viewing their own neighborhood of diverse ethnic makeup and say “aren’t I a lucky person.”  Living in a community where we’re daily exposed to people of diverse backgrounds and ethics mixtures enrich our lives and positively expands our view of the world.


Take a moment to view a flower garden and you’ll see blooming spring diversity in all its form.


Writer at Work

Writing is and can be an exhilarating pass time, fascination and/or professionI appreciate my friend sharing this professionally created door marker.  The insignia surely is not my creation but inspires me when I get a writing block.

20190107_180435 (2)

I took a short break from public writing which turned out for me to be a restless time because as we all know – ‘writers, write.’

The writing bug is beginning to buzz just like all of the busy birds and bees of spring.


All I need to do now is ‘unclutter’ all my paperwork.