NO to Health

Saying NO isn’t easy –  but vitally necessary.

Especially true when someone you care for asks you to postpone your physical workout.  Your workout routine keeps you healthy not only for yourself but your loved ones.

Health, wellness, and vitality is part of being totally present for your family and friends.  Truly, if the people in your life want you to be in their life for a long time they’ll understand your “NO.”

“I love you, but no.”  is a phrase penned by inspirational writer Daniel Potter and used by grandmothers everywhere.  This term gives the recipient a few words to feel good about despite the rejection.

Being candid about “No” also is an option.  “I can’t miss my workout because I missed it yesterday and so I must go to the gym today.”  Even though you don’t need to offer a reason your friend or family may be persistent.

Consideration sometimes means being brusque rather than non-responsive.   Don’t leave people wondering since it makes you appear thoughtless.  Keep your response brief but not too short. “I’m leaving.  I’m late.  Bye.”

Offer a buddy program.  When you meet resistance from friends or family in making time for yourself for maintaining your health offer the “buddy” option.   The situation may look something like this: “Why don’t we work out together and then we can talk about our day while driving home?”

Saying “NO” to health is positive when you shave off the rough corners and shine up the rounded edges.

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