Helping Hands

Everyone is sequestered during this time of uncertainty. We as humans are helping each other in many ways to weather the unpredictable future. Using all of the parameters of social distancing and medical awareness we can offer helping hands to our fellow man.

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We can carry groceries to someone who can’t grocery shop for themselves.

Using our nimble hands to clean house for a person who has arthritis is a kind gesture.

Helping an elderly person with gardening by carrying a heavy pot is always welcome.

Mailing a letter for someone who is wheelchair bound is appreciated.

Assisting a single mother with childcare has untold advantages for mother and child.

Helping a young married couple settle into their new apartment may set them up for a positive path in life.

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Tutoring a high school student using a two-way computer lesson plan ensues uninterrupted grade-level learning

Sharing a ‘virtual hug’ to health care workers via video chat gives doctors and nurses a well-deserved reward.

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We extend our helping hands to make life easier for our fellow man.




A Field Hospital

The national news reports a field hospital in New York’s Central Park.

Battle conditions exist and we must be prepared to meet the invader, head-on.

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I look at health issues from a nursing point of view and often get frustrated when the health solutions I see aren’t occurring within the system I occupy.  When this happens I get aggravated.  This aggravation comes from working for 35 years within the nursing profession.

Control is an illusion, especially in a rapidly changing environment.  However, I see the empowerment of our frontline staff and first responders including the transformational leadership into an army of well-armed confrontational leaders.  These military-style health care, first-line providers have the power and ability to attack, counter-attack, surprise, and cyber-attack the COVID-19 coronavirus.

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As we mobilize, this virus finds itself without sufficient support to replicate, stretching its resources so far that there’s not enough space or material to provide for reproduction since its harsh environment is void of welcoming micromanagement – the virus will die.

The COVID-19 virus finds it difficult, if not impossible, to replicate in this hostile environment.  The virus depends on laden air droplets passed from an infected host to spread its continuous, unchecked empowerment of disease.  Traveling down roads of destruction is difficult, if not impossible, for COVID-19 when our empowered confrontational leaders lead the way and push back the invading force of combat.

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As we reflect on the field hospital in New York’s Central Park let’s examine the reason for its presence – COVID-19.  Someone, somewhere let their guard down when dealing with safe, conscientious health care. The world is paying the price.  We are at war with an enemy unseen by the naked eye.

However, we gathered our forces, supported our frontline staff and first responders.  Our leadership is transformed into an engaged, empowered sentinel network of combat generals commanding a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ force ready and able to defend us against this invader.

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We are combat-ready.  Our mission is to stay combat-ready.







Our Best

We are being challenged in all parts of our lives.

This is the time to show our best potential.

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Remember, a piece of coal under pressure produces a diamond.

We already know practices that keep us at our best – a healthy diet, exercising, financial awareness, enjoying the company of a family pet and physical mindfulness.

  • When we breathe in, our diaphragm – the main muscle used for breathing – contracts and moves downward, allowing our lungs to expand into our chest. Meanwhile, the muscles between our ribs contract to pull our rib cage upward giving our chest cavity space. This allows oxygen we inhale to pass into our bloodstream. We feel relaxed.
  • Eating a well-prepared, healthy diet in a mindful manner allows our digestive system the opportunity to absorb the nutrients it needs to fuel the exchanges to keep us healthy. Sitting at the table and eating a meal with our family is a good thing.
  • People who cook at home at least six times a week take in fewer calories, less salt, and save about $100 a month compared to those who eat out that often.  According to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
  • 36.5% of U.S. households own a dog while 30.4% own a cat. Owning a pet is important in terms of getting people out of bed in the morning and engaging in routines but also connecting them with others.  This is particularly important today when some people who are isolated may be prone to feelings of depression.
  • Staring loving into our pooch’s eyes raises our body’s levels of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that promotes mindfulness.  Sharing our home with a pet gives us comfort.
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  • A study in Health Affairs found that 4 million Americans – 1 in 6 Americans – have past-due health care bills on their credit report, a debt totaling $81 billion. (18% of the GDP).  This study also concluded that when families routinely set aside a little over $250 they are less likely to miss these payments.  We are struggling but we do pay our bills.
  • A WebMD article referring to an AHA study indicates that exercising can slow the aging process by up to 9 years.  1 in 4 adults meet the recommended exercise guidelines of 30 minutes a day of moderate aerobic activity five days a week. That’s up from less than 1 in 5 a decade ago. (CDC) Exercising daily inside our home is a great idea.

So, we’re doing things right; we’re working well under pressure – we’re on our way to being diamonds.

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We’ll get through this challenging time together. In the distance, I see a very large, brilliant, sparkling diamond glistening in the sun.



Boss of Hats

A recent article in the Feb/March issue of the AARP magazine describes Georgiette Morgan-Thomas a dynamic 71-year-old woman who sees a need and fills it.

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When Georgiette can’t find a particular hat that she likes because the manufacturer has shut down their shop she decides to buy the shop and put all the employees back to work, learning the ropes as she goes.

Georgiette’s motto seems to be: “This is what happens when you’re not afraid.

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According to the National Institute of Mental Health: 90% of the things that we fear are considered to be insignificant issues.  88% of the things we fear in relation to our health will not happen.  74% of people fear public speaking.

So, whatever your fear, it comes in many shades and sizes.  Fear can be uncomfortable and crippling but eliminating it would be the equivalent to taking down your home alarm system because it sometimes makes loud and irritating sounds according to Theo Tsaousides, Ph.D. in his article – Smashing the Brainblocks.

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Research indicates that networks in our brain are stimulated when fear is detected, even in the absence of a real fearful stimulus.  The capacity to be afraid is part of being human.

Fear can be healthy and get you out of potentially harmful situations.  We sometimes learn fear because of our past association with certain people or situations that have hurt us.

The cycle of fear can feed on itself – the scarier I feel the scarier it becomes.  It seems as though the environment is amplified with scare – you will sweat even though your boss calls you in simply for an uneventful meeting.

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Fear can also be your call to action.  It can open your eyes, clear your head of ‘cobwebs’ and set your feet in a front-setting direction.

Take an example from Georgiette Morgan-Thomas the Hat Boss and maybe you will not be afraid and ‘open a hat shop of your own someday.’



YOU, seems like such a small word – much like IT, or IS, or TO, or IN, or OUT.

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However, when you examine the word from different directions, YOU can assume many meanings.

People use this small word when they are annoyed with someone; “you no good …”

Terms of endearment often contain the word; “Oh darling, I love you so dear.”

Sarcasm enters the scene when proper etiquette is used inappropriately; “You want to do what”?

Songs and melodies are written with any number of meanings using this tiny yet versatile word.

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The only true meaning of the word is known only by you.  You’re the best sage of the word “you” because you know yourself the best.  No one else can get inside of you and rattle inside your brain and dissect each thought and memory to determine who you are and what you believe.  You’re your best friend and/or your worst enemy whichever you chose to be.

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Research and science show that it’s better to be a friend rather than an enemy because it takes less energy and it makes you feel better.

So, I wish that you like yourself and you have a great day!


A Valentine


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Meeting and greeting is how it began,

for a girl named Joyce and a boy named Van.


Waiting and searching each one’s soul tentatively wondering if they should risk  adventure and seek out the goal.


Life experiences taught them to wait…

Like checking out the water before you jump in the lake.  If only this time the feeling would grow, maybe the heart would truly know.


They learned together what things seem to flow

tried new experiences and learned as their commitment would grow.

The seasons and time pass almost seamlessly,

as the two individuals became “we.”

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She likes “faster” and shopping and finding new things.

He’s content and watchful like waiting to see if the beautiful bird sings.

Caution is wise when mixed with adventure.

The two seem destined but who could conjecture.


Each experience and encounter offers more space

for feelings and thoughts to take their own place.

Affection and caring, closeness and sharing,

like the fruit of a tree in spring that starts bearing.

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It appears certain, as time passes on, that the “we” has developed from the original “you” and “me.”

Love is developed, trust has established and friendship is true, I offer this poem simply to say:

I Love You

How To Market Your Book In 2020

‘Marketing information for this decade is in flux.’

This statement is from an article re-posted by a blogger, Nicholas Rossis, titled “How To Market Your Book In 2020.”

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It describes the changing landscape of book advancement from aggressively promoting immediate upcoming book launches that morph into promoting year-round book presentations.

The changing mindset of book promotions reflects that readers, whether by turning pages or placing an earbud in their ear, want to be offered quality, not quantity information.

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Social media platforms share and collect a variety of information through search engines yet personalization remains the key.  People want to have a conversation, even if it’s only with an interactive chatbot, and not simply be talked to.

Networking and media remain the backbone of book marketing in reaching the listening and reading audience.

This information offers an exact guideline for MARKETING OURSELVES IN 2020.

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Our landscape, our body and mind, are constantly changing so to maintain a strong physical being and a sharp, cognitive environment we may want to step up the tick-tock, tick-tock that we repeatedly hear clicking in our head each day.  Tick-tocks are little snippets of incoming information that tell us how to eat well and what type of exercise we should really be doing and how often we may want to do it.

(Tick-tock, tick-tock – take that short hike, little less sitting on the couch… .)

Exercising for 15 minutes on a regular basis may be better than exercising once for an hour and never again. Promote ourselves year-round.

Using the internet to locate websites that promote healthy lifestyles and good food picks will widen choices and promote an exciting array of recipes and particular exercise routines.

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Let’s put these ideas in our backpacks as we head out the door to take that short hike.







Nicholas C. Rossis

Ronita Mohan | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksHere’s another post from Ronita Mohan, one of this blog’s favorite guest bloggers. Book marketing is like building on quicksand: just when you think you know what’s what, everything changes. Thankfully, Ronita shares here some tips about the book marketing trends for the new year.

Ronita is a content marketer at Venngage, the online infographic and design platform. She is an avid reader with an interest in mystery fiction, history, graphic novels, marketing, and diversity. Twitter: @Venngage

How To Market Your Book In 2020

Book marketing in 2020 | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksPhoto by Jamie Street on Unsplash

The marketing world is in constant flux, and book marketing ends up being impacted by these changing trends.

In 2020, certain aspects of book marketing will remain the same. For example, social media and networking will be just as important as they’ve always been.

But you also need to know about the new ways you can use the digital…

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We enter a New Year with a decade attached.


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Hopes are high and resolutions sharp.

Anticipation drips off words and actions.

Verbosity and intention our worth.

Too much adrenaline may be our curse.

Enjoying the feeling sways easy.

Focusing attention skews the anticipation.

Throttle and measure the pedal of movement.

Counter annihilation of anticipation

and propel yourself on a true course of achievement.


This is a busy week full of travel, adventure, and socializing with authors who write about adventure, science fiction, intrigue, suspense, family drama, animal science, and police investigations.


I’m honored to be a Finalist in the Readers’ Favorite 2019 International Book Awards Contest with my latest book RIPPLES IN THE GENERATIONS.  The award ceremony recognized gifted authors from around the world who received not only prestigious peer reviews but were recognized as credible storytellers in the publishing world.

My book RIPPLES IN THE GENERATIONS shares an unimaginable tale of deception and betrayal as the Henry family struggles through a lineage of hidden money, lies, secret adoption, death, and scientific inquiries.


The opening scene – “Hushed, unsettling stillness seduces the space between the tentative greeter and the suspicious guests.  Rapid-fire mental, followed by visual, conversation quickly fills the void.  “Well, this could be an awkward situation if it weren’t for the fact that we’re all here to resolve some long-held secrets.” sets the tinged tone of the book.

RIPPLES IN THE GENERATIONS fills the drama-fiction writing niche because the character’s desire to turn back time isn’t an option since emotional controversy delays them at every turn.

When you decide to investigate your personal DNA can you accept the consequences if it reveals deep, dark secrets?


Work in Progress

Just like our bodies are made to move, being healthy is dynamic.

When was the last time that you made a health mistake?  Did you correct yourself harshly or grant yourself a free pass?  Often when we’re trying to achieve our healthiest selves we hold ourselves to a level of perfection that’s impossible to reach.

Imagine that you’re a work in progress – you’re not done with yourself!!!

Medical literature and research give us some measurable goals to observe along our way.

  1. Failure can be a success – how else can we know what health areas to work on if we don’t fail at times? Failure is like a mirror that reflects back on us the area in need of improvement so that we can shift our health goals instead of quitting.
  2. Solutions may change when we look within ourselves – but that’s where the answer may be found, within ourselves.
  3. ‘Accepting it or Changing it’ is an attitude that any skilled counselor will profess. When we look at a situation that makes us unhappy adopting this method tends to take the stress off us and our lives.
  4. Take a ‘do-over.’  So we make a mistake, own it, apologize, make it better. The situation may be that we didn’t meet our buddy for a scheduled workout.  Okay, call them up, apologize, reschedule and offer to pick them up the next time and make sure that we keep the next appointment.
  5.  We’re changing, so look forward.  Rehashing mistakes is not in our gameplan.  Analyze our positive choices and realize that we can be whoever we determine to be.

We own this, so let’s give ourselves permission to proceed with our work in progress.